Since it`s inception in 2004 Blodhemn has been working tirelessly to further the sound of Black Metal, and after the EP «Brenn Alle Bruer” and debut album “Holmengraa”, both critically acclaimed, the Norwegian one-man band is now preparing to unleash their yet untitled sophomore effort on Indie Recordings. In support of the record due out in November 2014 they are proud to confirm their first ever European tour as direct support to the legendary Norwegian black metal band, Mayhem. As a live band Blodhemn sports a four-piece lineup delivering a blend of no nonsense thrash and high octane heavy metal with its traditional old-school blackness. Blodhemn`s coming record is as aggressive as ever, yet on a grander scale. It is simply more epic as the grim assault of fast, blasting riffs are contrasted with longer, melancholy melodies sounding like the ocean after a storm, beautiful but ravaged and hurting. The result is a collection of true Norwegian grandeur and raw, salted wounds, daring you to behold it and reward those that do.