Holmengraa – 2012


1. Galgebakken

2. Rettersted

3. Djevelen i Menneskeform

4. Thingvellir

5. Nekromani

6. Maanelyst

7. Telehiv

8. Black Horizons (Dissection cover)



Released the 18th of May 2012 through Indie Recordings.

Composed and performed by Invisus

Guest musician:

Aaneland: All clear vocals and guitars on «Black Horizons».

Recorded at Conclave and Earshot Studios November/December 2011

Engineered by Bjoernar E. Nilsen and Arve Isdal

Mastered by Herbrand Larsen

Coverart credits:

Portrait by V. Meidell

Holmengraa photo by Daktriper (http://www.flickr.com/photos/69283417@N02/)

Layout by Marcelo Vasco (p2rdesign.com)