Holmengraa – 2012


1. Galgebakken
2. Rettersted
3. Djevelen i Menneskeform
4. Thingvellir
5. Nekromani
6. Maanelyst
7. Telehiv
8. Black Horizons (Dissection cover)

Released the 18th of May 2012 through Indie Recordings.
All music and lyrics written and performed by Invisus
Exceptions: All clear vocals and guitars on «Black Horizons» performed by Aanneland
Black Horizons: Music by: Jon Nödtveidt / John Zweetsloot. Lyrics by: Jon Nödtveidt

Recorded at Conclave and Earshot Studios November/December 2011
Engineered by Bjoernar E. Nilsen and Arve Isdal
Mastered by Herbrand Larsen

Coverart credits:
Portrait picture by V. Meidell
Holmengraa photo by Daktriper http://www.flickr.com/photos/69283417@N02/
Layout by Marcelo Vasco www.p2rdesign.com